Rachel Bennett

Event Director – Floral Designer

Dana’s Floral Design Event Director and Floral Designer, Rachel Bennett, harbors substantial knowledge of every detailed feature that travels until the eye can see in event and floral design projects. Under Dana and Jackie’s tutelage for several years, Rachel’s strenuous journey forward in the regional event and floral design circuit has earned her previous efforts featured in Alabama Weddings. With over a decade of experience Rachel conveys immeasurable floral design flair to the Dana’s Floral Design team, with a crafty artistic dash sparking an additional realm of creativity unique to central Alabama. Here Rachel turned full bloom in light of her love for floral design, and is now directing some of our biggest wedding events on her own. Beyond Rachel’s promising development in the wedding and event industry, she also excels in interior and fresh floral arrangements. Rachel Bennett is not only our craftiest designer, but also as the lead head designer backbone of Dana’s Floral Design.
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